If you are in need of a tow

just call Johnsons Wrecker

Service at 407-293-2540


Tell them to bring it to The Bump Shop and we will handle

the cost of the tow until you or

the insurance company can approve repairs.


Contact them 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for professional courteous service!

All repairs and work is done to the standards set by your vehicle manufacturer, ensuring your car runs and drives as it did before the accident

As part of our service to you

every vehicle gets washed and vacuumed.

We work with all insurance companies and can help you file a claim and get you in your rental. From start to finish we are here to help.


there are 2 rental companies

located within 5 minutes of

The Bump Shop.

Call today to coordinate your rental

or let us to do it for you